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June 18, 2018
Why You Need to Make Video Part of Your Digital Strategy

Think you don’t need online video in your paid media mix? Think again!

There is ample evidence that video – consumed on mobile devices (primarily) and desktop – is a vital part of any successful digital-focused media campaign. If you have doubts, consider the following statistics from eMarketer and Nielsen:

  • Overall video consumption continues to grow at the expense of television as audiences are shifting to more OTT (Over the Top) devices. As a result, digital video ad spend is projected to increase by 19% in 2018
  • From 2016-2020 the number of connected TV users will increase from 153 million to 192 million
  • About 52% of adults will watch a video online while only 31% of adults will watch a video via live TV
  • Among age groups, 18- to 25-year-olds watch more video per week (7.3 hours) than any other group
  • 48% of millennials watch a video on a mobile or other connected device
  • 35% of millennials prefer to watch video on YouTube than on linear TV


If you’re convinced that online video is the way to go but don’t know how to get started, here are a few problems we have helped solve for our clients:

Problem: I need to market to millennials in a competitive category.

Fact: 60% of millennials would rather watch a video than read a newsletter and 80% of will take action after watching a video, especially for considered purchases, according to Comscore.

Solution: For B2B outreach, reach YouTube diehards with a “living” white paper. Consider using the advanced artificial intelligence capabilities within YouTube to curate custom “video channels” and create your own video network in which to sell your product or services.

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Problem: I can’t afford TV!

Fact: Smart TVs will dominate the living room; By 2020, connected TV users will make up 57% of the total population, said eMarketer.

Solution: Smart TV targeting via connected devices and Smart TV apps allow a “TV like” environment with less waste and more efficient targeting.

Problem: How do I get the attention of concurrent television viewers?

Fact: Over 87% of consumers use a second screen (mobile phone or tablet) while they are watching live TV, according to eMarketer.

Solution: Mobile video people-based targeting via audio content recognition. It uses the ACR (Audio Content Recognition) technology in your mobile device to serve a video ad to a mobile device upon recognition of a specified audio “clue.” For example: a favorite television program, a genre of programming, a competitor’s ad.

Problem: I want to buy TV but need specialized audiences outside of traditional demographics.

Fact: Data-driven TV planning is real and not a fad; more and more advertisers plan to start using advanced and addressable TV techniques this year, according to Forrester.

Solution: Fox, Viacom, Turner and NBC Universal have joined together to create an audience buying platform that will provide marketers with better targeting and cross platform measurement.

Have a question about how to incorporate video into your media mix? Contact us, or tweet @cbdmarketing and let us know. We're here to help!