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About Mark Shevitz

About Mark Shevitz

As the EVP and Director of Client Strategy and Planning, Mark ties insights, brand strategy and market plans directly to achieving measurable marketing and sales goals. He works closely with senior leadership across a variety of corporations and associations, using foundational brand work to establish brand architecture and uncover new business opportunities. He recently defined brand differentiation for Blue Diamond Almonds, created persona for James Hardie and the American Dental Association, and evolved Whirlpool Corporation’s channel marketing strategy, guiding effective collaborations between their sales and marketing teams. Mark's experience in corporate and agency environments includes Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, Aflac and Allstate, and he is often tapped to speak on branding and marketing best practices for the American Marketing Association and at multiple industry conferences.

Director of Client Strategy and Planning at CBD Marketing, Mark Shevitz. He has a background in brand consulting.

Mark Shevitz
EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning

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