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Team Media Training

Group training sessions on professionally navigating the media

You never know when one of your team members will need to be at-the-ready for a conversation with a reporter or editor. Ensuring that they are representing the company as a polished and knowledgeable professional is imperative – especially in today's age of instant news.

In this full-day workshop we will leverage a discovery audit and “homework” your team completes prior to the training. The audit and homework will identify the experience and background of the individuals participating, map situations (conferences, meetings) where individuals will likely encounter a reporter, review products-services they are representing and need to be able to discuss, and identify any key messages or topics approved.

We will work with six of your team members, helping them navigate media relationships with ease to ensure they are ready for anything.

Your team will learn:

  • Key messages or themes that are important to the company or their business unit
  • How to prepare; doing their homework on the media representative(s) they will meet
  • Tips for staying on message, bridging, and other interview tactics, including how to "manage" an interview
  • Tips for voice and appearance to enhance personal presentation

Following the group presentation, we will train each individual in one-hour sessions, which include:

  • A role play of an actual media interview – to prepare them for whatever may come their way
  • Recording of their personal session, with video playback to see what’s working, and where they can improve
  • An individualized feedback and recommendation report

The team will then re-group at the end of the day for a wrap-up and summation of learnings.


CBD's head of Account Services, PR and Social Media, Jean Ban. She leads a growing team of PR and social media professionals.

Jean Ban
EVP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

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Bob Musinski, an Account Director at CBD Marketing who leads the agency's social media, PR and content marketing initiatives.

Bob Musinski
VP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

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Candice Hudson, a Senior Account Executive at CBD Marketing.

Candice Hudson
Senior Account Executive, PR and Social Media

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Available format

  • Full-day training session

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