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One-On-One Social Media Training

Strategies and tactics to use social media more effectively

Social media is more than you might imagine. Especially when business is on the line.

For this training, you'll work one-on-one with a Colman, Brohan & Davis social media expert and receive personalized coaching to help you address specific challenges or questions. Perhaps you’re new to managing social platforms as part of your job, or you are taking on a broader community management role. Maybe you just want some individualized attention. Whatever the reason, this session is structured based on what you want to know, sitting side by side with you on the platforms on which you want help and/or advice.

We prepare with a 30-minute call just to level set. You tell us your challenge, what you want to know or the problem you want to solve, so we bring solutions when we meet for your session.

Together, we will:

  • Get right to it: log in to the platform(s) we are addressing
  • Identify your current challenges, goals and ways to achieve desired end results
  • Look at ways to correct and optimize your platforms for improved performance
  • Review the software tools you are using for publishing, content curation, reporting and analytics
  • Suggest new/better ways to address the areas you are looking to improve


Bob Musinski, an Account Director at CBD Marketing who leads the agency's social media, PR and content marketing initiatives.

Bob Musinski
VP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

More about Bob

Kelly Bradley, an Account Executive in PR and Social Media at CBD Marketing.

Kelly Bradley
Account Executive, PR and Social Media

More about Kelly

Available formats

  • Half-day training session
  • Ability to add to training in 2-hour intervals

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