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One-On-One Media Training

Individualized coaching sessions on expertly managing the media

Executives and senior managers are often expected to interact with business media. Being comfortable in an interview setting is as important as being prepared with the facts and insights that can inform that big article, blog or social media post that helps build your company’s – and your personal – reputation.

In this coaching session we will work with you, one-on-one, to teach you “tricks of the trade” about preparation, tactics to help you bridge from one subject to another, and even how to behave and dress if you’re on-camera and being interviewed live and “in the moment.” The intent is to help you leave a favorable impression – not just on the media but on the audiences they represent.

Individualized training starts with a 30-minute discovery call to:

  • Get to know you, understand your position and the circumstances where you would interact with media
  • Identify one or two real life situations that we can use as training scenarios. This could be a conference you are about to attend that could have reporters present or an interview you have already been asked to schedule
  • Confirm a topic or key messages we can use as part of the training scenario(s)
  • If you have been taped or recorded in a prior interview share that video or audio record if available

2-hour coaching includes:

  • Reviewing general tactics for preparation, bridging, answering – or not – tough questions, voice and appearance tips
  • "Activating" the training scenarios as role plays to include:
    • CBD acting as the reporter with questions on the agreed to topic
    • You answering and practicing key messages and the learned tactics for a positive interview experience
  • CBD provides feedback on each session and an evaluation sheet
  • CBD provides Tip Sheet and Recommendations


Bob Musinski, an Account Director at CBD Marketing who leads the agency's social media, PR and content marketing initiatives.

Bob Musinski
VP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

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Available format

  • 2-hour training session

Video taping as part of the training available upon request.

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