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What are your customers really thinking?

At Colman, Brohan & Davis, we use data, analytics and social listening to confidently answer this question (and others) for our clients. Through a variety of reporting methods, we uncover insights that often surprise our partners and impact their marketing strategies overall, giving them a unique competitive edge.

Are you ready to turn insights into action?

Download our report, Maddening, Marvelous Millennials, for an example of the information that we can provide in our customer insight reports. Then, start imagining the possibilities for your company.

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Maddening, Marvelous Millennials

Presented to experts at SupplySide West 2017 and Food Matters Live in London, this report tackled an elusive audience in the food, beverage and supplement industry: millennials. Through extensive research and analytics, we were able to gather large amounts of data about this group, and turn them into meaningful insights that show attendees could use immediately.

Here are just a few—find them all in the full report!


Lifetime buying power of millennials


Millennials who engage daily in social media


Health, fitness and meal prep


Dieting, weight loss and TV dinners

What do you want to know about your customers?

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