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The city burst element located on the left side of the CBD Marketing logo and the agency website.
MGP Ingredients
A food ingredients brand becomes a masterpiece.

MGP offers a variety of specialty wheat protein, starch and fiber ingredients that enhance the nutritional profile of food, while making its taste and texture more appealing. We merged their impressive product portfolio under one overarching brand theme, which was launched through an award-winning ad series and supported by extensive PR work and a new tradeshow experience.

To powerfully illustrate MGP’s mastery, CBD’s concept was crafted from a key insight – that food science is also an art.

Emulating the styles of world-renowned artists, the campaign boosted brand recognition and affinity for MGP, evolved their go-to-market strategy and reinforced their name in the minds of food scientists.

The MGP Ingredients logo. MGP is a producer and supplier of distilled spirits, wheat protein and starch food ingredients.

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