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Marketer 2 Marketer (M2M): Bob Musinski on Social Media and Content
September 14, 2017
Marketer 2 Marketer (M2M): Bob Musinski on Social Media and Content
Zhana Veleska

We’re excited to introduce our new blog series, Marketer to Marketer (M2M). Every other week, we’ll be featuring a one-on-one interview with one of CBD’s thought leaders, sharing expert opinions, looking at the latest trends in our industries, and giving you an inside look at how CBD operates.

We’re kicking things off with Bob Musinski, Vice President, Public Relations, Social Media and Content Marketing.


Bob Musinski is well versed in the power of public relations and content marketing. Before joining the team at CBD, he worked in public affairs-focused PR and in the news industry. He’s a staunch advocate for strategic storytelling, earned media activation and social sharing to effectively drive action in both B2C and B2B markets.

In addition to uncovering and sharing meaningful news and insight-driven content on behalf of clients, Bob and his team lead CBD’s own content marketing and social media initiatives. He’s a busy guy – but he knows firsthand that the news never sleeps.

Q&A with Bob Musinski

You seem to balance quite a few responsibilities in your position at CBD. What is the most important aspect of what you do?

Client services. Whether it’s media outreach, content curation or social media strategy, I have to ensure that we’re setting up our clients for success, and that they’re fully on-board with our strategy and tactics.


How big of a role does social media play into what you do?

It’s a big part. For every client we have, we either handle their social media from A to Z or at least take it into consideration as part of an overall marketing strategy. Clients have an appreciation for what social media can do, but often need some help to better define and reach their goals.


Why do you believe social media has become such an essential part of the marketing mix?

It’s a proven way to reach B2B and B2C consumers where they already are. If you look at media trends right now and at the time people spend on social media, you’ll realize it’s a major source for news and entertainment, comparing favorably with how much time people spend watching TV or reading a newspaper or other traditional news source, either online or print.

Social media is an ideal complement to other channels and allows you to repurpose content – such as a great media clip – as well as showcase videos and link to written pieces on a landing page or website. Also, it’s a great idea to have a social media advertising plan, which will help you get discovered and target your messages to key audiences.


What is an important aspect of content marketing that you believe is often overlooked?

One aspect that people tend to forget is the value of strong content. There is this widely held misconception that people won’t read a company’s blog post or watch their videos, so more effort is spent on other areas of the marketing mix.

In reality, consumers will watch or read anything that provides value, even branded content. People want something that will touch their lives – help them do their job better, give them something to discuss with friends or colleagues, or to be entertained, sometimes in a life-changing sort of way. It’s all about staying focused on the consumer’s needs and wants. Know your audience!


What is one method of content marketing that CBD utilizes to market itself?

At CBD, we like to show our key audiences what we can do for them.

For example, we’ve encouraged our employees to spearhead webinars on subjects that they both specialize in and can teach others about. By doing so, they have something to offer those who have taken an interest in CBD and want to learn more about our capabilities, to help them improve their own.

It really boils down to thought leadership marketing and getting the point across to our audience that our team has the expertise to help them in their endeavors, no matter what they may be. Having a business prospect tune into one of our webinars or see us at a speaking engagement is much more effective than having them just read the list of our employee bios on our website.


What do you love best about what you do?

Getting results. There’s something really rewarding about accomplishing what you set out to achieve. I love when our team reaches and exceeds the goals we’ve set with clients. It’s not usually a simple solution, but I also love the challenge that comes with my job.


Last but not least, what is meaningful to you outside of your work at CBD?

Staying active – running, biking – and helping out in the community.

Want to know more about Bob? Follow him on Twitter @bobmusing for insider know-how on social media and content marketing. Next up in the M2M series: CBD’s co-founder, Liz Brohan on how she sets up the agency for success.