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August 11, 2017
Looking forward to LeadsCon: Connect to Convert 2017
Liz Brohan
With a little over a week to go before this year’s LeadsCon conference kicks off in NYC, I was preparing my itinerary of sessions to attend. Below are just a few of the ones I‘m most excited about.

Influence consumer behavior with content.

Since I’m fascinated with anything related to behavioral marketing, I’m definitely interested in Monday’s presentation on The Neuroscience of Decision Making. Carmen Simon from Memzy will talk about how to stay on people’s minds to drive behavior. Specifically, she’ll dive into how the brain is likely to focus, remember, and make decisions based on the content you put in the market. Anytime I can learn about ways to better ensure that consumers take action, I’m there.

Harness data to increase conversions online.

I’ll also be taking in Audience & Automation: How Your Current Customer Can Find You the Next Customer. Stephen Ness from Google will show us how to harness the powerful data signals visitors to websites provide us.  He’ll also speak on advancements that then help us fuel the automation of digital marketing budgets by pointing out when to pay more for a customer with a greater statistical potential to convert.

Drive sales with a mobile strategy.

Another big player on my “can’t-miss” list is Raghu Hariharan of Facebook. His session on Driving Sales During the Mobile-First Era is sure to resonate. After all, there are two things we all know. First, today mobile is part of nearly every touch point in the path to purchase and that strategies need to be built to accommodate for that. And secondly, Facebook and its family of apps play a central role in mobile discovery and shopping. When you put the two together, you’re sure to come away with ideas you can implement immediately that will deliver better connections and conversions.

Maximize your ROI at trade shows.

Of course, I’m also excited about the session I’m conducting Wednesday morning with Matt Loos from Firestone Building Products and Kevin Sulaiman of Whirlpool Corporation. During the session, titled Engage Leads Pre, During & Post Live Events for Higher Returns, these two prestigious individuals will share their deep knowledge on driving ROI from high profile events, especially trade shows. In fact, one success we’ll talk about is the substantial amount of opportunity Whirlpool Corporation realized this past June at PCBC.

What’s more, both of these corporate giants will talk about how their organizations go about setting strategy to planning each event, through implementation and follow up. Simply put, you’ll learn secrets to prioritizing activity to ensure quality leads turn into sales.


With so much to learn and so many experts to meet, it is sure to be a great three days in New York.  I hope to see you all there.