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Kick-Ass Women on the Street
April 11, 2016
Kick-Ass Women on the Street
Zhana Veleska

TRANSCRIPT: CBD took to the streets of Chicago and asked a few brave young women…


What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?


“The biggest risk I’ve ever taken is going to study abroad by myself in London.”


“When I got back on my horse after I broke my back about 7 years ago.”


“I decided to join the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers.”


“Transitioning jobs”


“Giving birth naturally, without any medication”


“Changing careers completely”


“Coming back home from school”


“Moving to a new city where I knew no one.”



How has that risk paid off?


“Today I am ‘Stone Cold Jane Austin’ and I am known throughout Chicago.”


“I am so happy. So fulfilled. And feeling great about it.”


“Now I work at Tribune Tower and I’m learning a lot.”


“Doing things I never thought I would do before.”


“It was either get back on the horse or be terrified to ride again.”


“Taking a risk is actually something that can lead you to open undiscovered adventures and opportunities.”


And that’s why I’m a kick-ass woman.


Thank you to all of the women we interviewed for this video.


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SARAH FLAGG: “Oh my god, you’re so good! That was me trying really hard.”


“Yeah you’re perfect… I just.. I don’t know!”


‘Stone Cold Jane Austin’: “No, you’ve got some muscle, you just gotta get the technique.”


SARAH FLAGG: “I have no technique.”


‘Stone Cold Jane Austin’: “There’s a technique. You’ll learn!”


SARAH FLAGG: “Well you’ve got it, wow!”