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April 29, 2016
Introducing: Kick-Ass Women in the Food Industry

In partnership with Food Processing Magazine and Putman Media, CBD launched its third Kick-Ass Women™ digital book…with a delicious twist. Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food showcases advice, lessons, and professional mantras from successful Kick-Ass Women in the food and beverage industry (download it here).

Women are shaking up the culinary world.

Fifteen kick-ass women were recognized by their colleagues and peers as respected leaders in the food and beverage industry because of their proven ability to blaze trails and move the industry forward. The goal of this book is to empower younger women in these industries to take ownership of their own careers. To demonstrate this idea, nominees were asked to answer the following questions by Food Processing Magazine:


Question 1: 

What is your professional mantra?


Question 2:

What are the most valuable lessons you have learned throughout your career?


Question 3:

What advice would you offer to young women entering the food and beverage industry?


The thoughtful and meaningful advice provided by this year’s Kick-Ass Women in Food truly fosters the growth of other females in the industry.

Kick-Ass Women gets an all-new look.

Although staying true to the Kick-Ass Women brand, Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food takes a unique design approach by showcasing original food photography shot by CBD’s designer, Erin Fioretti. Fioretti incorporated products and ingredients from the women’s businesses in the e-book.

Through this recent addition to the Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women library, CBD continues to celebrate the success of business women everywhere and inspire the next generation of women to take control of their own careers and make a difference.

Download the full version of Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food now! Know a Kick-Ass Woman in the food industry who deserves to be recognized? Nominations for the 2017 edition of Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food to open later this year!