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How to Bridge the Sales and Marketing Divide

How to Bridge the Sales and Marketing Divide

 A collaborative approach to achieving business growth

Getting your sales and marketing organizations working side-by-side toward a common goal is the key to unlocking more growth.

In this session, we'll work with members of both departments to determine what truly motivates customer choice for your organization, the best ways to share information, and determine messaging and strengthen lead generation and conversion. From there, we'll help you uncover insights and implications towards delivering what everyone wants – more sales.

In this session, CBD and your teams will:

  • Pinpoint what’s important to your target audiences when it comes to their purchasing decision-making
  • Map out the buyer’s journey
  • Identify where your sales and marketing functions can add the most value at each stage of the buying process
  • Arrive at strategy for getting sales and marketing to work together in order to create additional growth for your organization


Director of Client Strategy and Planning at CBD Marketing, Mark Shevitz. He has a background in brand consulting.

Mark Shevitz
EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning

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Available format

  • Full-day session

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