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How a Push-Pull Strategy Helped to Sell Dust Control
April 23, 2015
How a Push-Pull Strategy Helped to Sell Dust Control
Zhana Veleska

The Challenge

Illinois Tool Works’ (ITW) BuildClean™ Dust Control System solves a problem every homeowner considering a remodeling job fears: dust that can permeate a house from demolition through new construction. BuildClean, a compact and easy-to-use powerful air scrubber, removes 90 percent or more of airborne particulates and allows a family to actually live comfortably while remodeling is under way. Now, how to make this product a “must have” on every remodeling job site?

The Answer

ITW turned to CBD — a Chicago-based marketing firm specializing in the building products industry — to help solve the problem. And a push-pull strategy fit the bill.

Push: launch to remodelers—the prime purchasers—with awareness-building content and highly targeted sales messaging.

Pull: create awareness among homeowners so they would request that their remodeling contractors have BuildClean on the jobsite.

A BuildClean website was created by CBD’s digital and creative teams with sections for professionals and for consumers. Content for the website included videos and infographics, also used by our PR and social media teams. Aggressive trade media outreach amped up placements with interviews and longer articles. Targeted emails and direct mail to remodelers added important touch points.

To entice homeowners, CBD’s PR team hit it out of the park. They created feature stories about solving the problem of remodeling dust that ran in hundreds of metro markets. BuildClean units were supplied to key home remodeling TV shows and video bloggers to try out and report on. Houzz, an online platform used by remodeling contractors and homeowners, was employed. This momentum has paid off. BuildClean receives stellar reviews from remodeling contractors and homeowners alike.


The first four months—the introductory product launch period—CBD’s PR team secured placements that accrued more than 4 million gross impressions against trade audiences and targeted consumer audiences.

To date, after nine months in the market, Houzz content continues to build and social media has been added to amplify engagement. Website traffic and sales have been substantial as well, and are tracking with the established sales target.

How can CBD Marketing help you achieve the results you’re looking for? Check out some of the work we’ve done for other clients like Firestone Building Products and James Hardie. Or contact us today to get the conversation started.