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Customer Personas in 1 Minute
February 24, 2021
Customer Personas - in Just 1 Minute
Mark Shevitz

Customer personas are a crucial part of aligning your marketing and sales teams to achieve amazing results. In this video, I'll walk you through the basics of what personas are and why you need them. You've got time - I can do it in just 60 seconds.


MARK SHEVITZ: Getting to the Meaningful in One Minute.

Hi, I'm Mark. Today, I'm going to tell you how to develop a great customer persona to guide your marketing efforts - and I'm going to do it in less than one minute.


Time me.


What is a customer persona?


Your customers aren't just "buyers", they're complex humans, with their own reasons for making the decisions they do. Personas are detailed portraits that can help both marketing and sales really understand your customers and reach them where they are.


What's included in a persona?


Not just basic demographics, but also the media they consume and insights into their decision-making process. Personas ALSO try to answer deeper questions to get at why someone makes a choice. What's important to them? What are their biggest professional challenges? Who do they have to please? Who's the boss, really?


How do you use a persona?


As a "north star" for the marketing and sales teams. Knowing your customers well means you're more likely to put marketing WHERE they'll see it - and WHEN they're ready to buy.

And that helps to drive the most interested leads straight to your sales team -  very efficient. And since you've aligned on the persona, sales already knows what brought them in - and how to close the deal!


Did I do it? YES! That's harder than it looks.

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