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Combating a Business Threat with a Proactive Crisis Management Plan

Combating a Business Threat with a Proactive Crisis Management Plan

How to prepare an effective crisis communications strategy

At some point, every company is faced with a business threat that could turn into a crisis situation. If not well-managed, the impact on sales and market share can be significant. Whether it involves a competitive threat, a recall, safety issue or other scenario, having expert knowledge and a plan – in advance of any crisis – makes all the difference in being able to successfully navigate the situation.

In this session, we’ll take you through the steps needed to create a plan so you are prepared to communicate with your various audiences in a timely and appropriate way.

  • Reviewing business threat scenarios
  • Identifying your team and a “decision tree”
  • Understanding what you need to know and what data to collect
  • Developing key messages
  • Communicating with internal audiences
  • Communicating with external/community audiences, including law enforcement
  • Communicating with the media
  • When NOT to communicate and why


Bob Musinski, an Account Director at CBD Marketing who leads the agency's social media, PR and content marketing initiatives.

Bob Musinski
VP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

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  • 1-hour online course

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