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Cobra Electronics
Driving sales by having Cobra ride shotgun.

Cobra Electronics was ready to launch their new Pro-Nav 8500 GPS system to independent truck drivers and small fleet owners. These guys are on the road a lot and have insane schedules, so we promoted it in a way that they could totally relate to - through our “Riding Shotgun” campaign.

The print ads and an enticing trade show booth really put the pedal to the metal, but central to Cobra’s success was an online video – written and produced by CBD – and starring spokesperson Robb Mariani, of the TV series American Trucker®.

Not only did the "Riding Shotgun" spot surpass viewership expectations and garner huge attention for Cobra at the Mid-America Trucking Show – the integrated campaign seriously revved the sales engine and helped Cobra exceed expectations at launch.

The Cobra Electronics logo. Cobra Electronics is the leading global designer of mobile communications and navigation products.