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CBD’s Mark Shevitz a Featured Speaker at American Marketing Association Event
September 10, 2019
CBD’s Mark Shevitz a Featured Speaker at American Marketing Association Event

Chicago (September 10, 2019) –   The American Marketing Association (AMA), Chicago Chapter, is getting ready for its annual CareerSmart event for brand marketers, hiring managers and executive decision makers. The event takes place on Wednesday, September 25 and is open to AMA members and non-members.

Mark Shevitz, CBD Marketing’s EVP, Brand Strategy, is a featured speaker on "How to Create a Highly Relevant Employment Brand." He’ll provide a roadmap and checklist of the key inputs into employment brand development, balancing how a company is perceived by current and prospective employees and what companies need to do in order to attract and retain top talent.

For his presentation, Shevitz draws from his experience creating strong employment brands for Chipotle, Aflac, Allstate, Pfizer, OfficeMax , Sears, Adventist Health Systems and dozens of other industry leaders.

Shevitz has written on this topic for Marketing News, the AMA’s national publication. He notes that a strong employment brand is especially important in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, where finding the right candidates and retaining the best employees is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. For marketers looking to advance their careers, understanding the discipline of employment branding can add a valuable knowledge area to their resumes, allowing them to contribute to, or lead, an employment branding engagement.

“Employment branding is a hot topic because of the current high demand for a broad range of skills,” noted Shevitz. “In fact, we’re finding that HR is very open to collaborating with their internal marketing teams to deliver on a successful employment brand experience.”

He added that understanding employment branding is a win-win for marketers. They can help lead the charge in their own companies, or they can tell a client that they understand the discipline of employment branding as part of their credentials.

About CBD Marketing:  CBD is a Chicago-based, integrated, digital-first marketing and advertising agency that builds strong connections between brands and the hearts and minds of their customers. Founded in 1988, CBD serves national and global clients in manufacturing, energy, appliances, building products, education, retail, financial services, food, food ingredients and other industries. Companies and organizations count on CBD to Market What’s Meaningful®, building more intimate and profitable relationships in emotional and rational ways.

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