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May 10, 2022
CBD Marketing’s Mary Olivieri To Speak at Social Media Strategies Summit for First Responders
CBD Marketing

May 10, 2022 – Save the date for the highly anticipated Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS) for First Responders, taking place May 9-12, 2022. As one of the nation’s premier social media conferences, SMSS features experts from top brands and agencies sharing their expertise with other industry professionals.  

CBD’s EVP and Executive Creative Director, Mary Olivieri, will lead an interactive workshop on May 11, titled “Bringing New Life to Your Words: Magical Ways to Improv Your Writing (That’s Not a Typo!)”. This session is designed to elevate your writing skills through improvisational theater creative practices and is equally energetic as it is informative. Explore the power of "Yes, and ...", discover methods to manipulate your "same old writing style, and more! 

Learn more about this session and register for the event here. 

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