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CBD Marketing’s Liz Brohan and Bob Musinski Share Their Expertise at Illinois Cannabis Summit
September 16, 2019
CBD Marketing’s Liz Brohan and Bob Musinski Share Their Expertise at Illinois Cannabis Summit

Chicago (September 16, 2019) – As more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational consumption, conferences have become important venues for educational sessions to support the industry as it matures. Marketing tracks include best practice information on how to advertise, market and publicize cannabis products and businesses within the approved regulatory frameworks.

CBD Marketing’s CEO and President, Liz Brohan, and VP, Bob Musinski, will be sharing their expertise as featured speakers at the Illinois Cannabis Summit, October 14-16 in Schaumburg, near Chicago. The summit expects several hundred attendees, including executives at holding corporations, marijuana grow facilities, processors, retail dispensary operations, brand marketers and suppliers to the industry. Medical marijuana is already legal in Illinois; recreational use will be legal beginning January 2020.

Brohan and Musinski are presenting highly relevant topics in two separate sessions:

How to Educate and Influence Communities and Local Media about the Benefits of Your Cannabis Business. This presentation addresses cannabis businesses that need community approval to operate, primarily dispensaries and retail facilities. Attendees will learn how to identify their most important audiences, then develop a “message road map” to educate and influence those audiences. Whether it’s a local city council, community leaders, parent groups or media—cannabis businesses need to be prepared with a communications plan they can execute well ahead of approaching a community for approval on their project.

How to Use Social Media and Online Listening to Inform Cannabis-CBD Product Marketing. Because consumers share a tremendous amount of personal information online—including about their use of cannabis and CBD products—social listening software tools can help cannabis businesses analyze those comments to better inform business decision making. This presentation reviews the types of tools available and how to use the consumer insights they can uncover. It ends with a case study example in the form of CBD Marketing’s own online listening study of “Generational Preferences in the Use of CBD Oil.”

“As an integrated, digital-first marketing agency, we’re very interested in leveraging our decades of experience working with national and global manufacturers and brands—bringing that knowledge to companies within the cannabis industry,” said Brohan. “It’s an exciting time to see the progress of this rapidly maturing, legal market and to partner with companies as they grow.”

About CBD Marketing:  CBD is a Chicago-based integrated, digital-first marketing and advertising agency that builds strong connections between brands and the hearts and minds of their customers. Founded in 1988, CBD serves national and global clients in manufacturing, energy, appliances, building products, education, retail, financial services, food, food ingredients and other industries. Companies and organizations count on CBD to Market What’s Meaningful®, building more intimate and profitable relationships in emotional and rational ways.

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