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CBD Marketing in Top B2B Agencies Roster
May 3, 2021
CBD Marketing in Top B2B Agencies Roster
Zhana Veleska

May 3, 2021 – For the fourth consecutive year, Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing) is ranked in the top tier of all US B2B agencies. The rankings are included in the prestigious 2021 US Agency Benchmarking Report published by, the global leader in news and resources for this sector. The highly anticipated Report includes data on 48 agencies, from integrated firms like CBD Marketing to those that focus on specialty areas.

The Report also explores trends shaping the B2B landscape. During the 2020 calendar year reflected in the published statistics, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted virtually all marketing initiatives undertaken by companies and their agency partners. From the transition to virtual events and work venues to shifting budgets and sales priorities, agencies adjusted quickly as their clients adapted marketing plans to new realities. Still, common themes of resiliency, flexibility and optimism prevailed.

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