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CBD Marketing Exhibits at CPX20 Conference; Focus on Cannabis in Food and Beverage Applications
June 4, 2020
CBD Marketing Exhibits at CPX20 Conference; Focus on Cannabis in Food and Beverage Applications

Chicago (June 1, 2020) – The explosive growth in legal food and beverage products containing CBD-cannabis-marijuana is driving interest in a new conference focused on this specialized area of food development, formulation, processing and packaging—CPX20. A first-of-its kind event, CPX20 is organized by BNP, a well-known publisher of B2B food industry magazines and online content platforms, including Prepared Foods and Cannabis Products.

Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing) is an exhibitor at the conference, scheduled for July 30-31 in Denver. With decades of experience serving national and global food and food ingredient companies, the agency is perfectly positioned to bring its expertise to this burgeoning marketplace.

Products infused with non-THC CBD are in grocery and specialty stores across the U.S, while medical or recreational products are available in a growing number of states. Processors and manufacturers need to understand and leverage the same marketing dynamics that apply to regular food and beverage products—insights about customer behaviors, product differentiators, promotions, content needs, paid media opportunities and more.

“This category is quickly moving from a niche marketplace to mainstream status,” Liz Brohan, CBD Marketing CEO, noted. “Companies require the same kind of B2B marketing support and services as our existing food and beverage clients. We’re excited to interact with the manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, introducing them to our capabilities and partnering to grow our businesses and the category as a whole.”

The agency will be represented at CPX20 by Doug Davila, SVP for Agency Strategy and Development, who has extensive experience with the agency’s food and food ingredient clients. Visitors to CBD Marketing’s booth can sign up to receive new, proprietary studies on consumer preferences in the use of non-THC CBD products, and the use of cannabis-marijuana products. Each study looks at two years’ worth of social media posts and online content data to ascertain preferences differentiated for Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.

Register for CPX20, a live event, here.

About Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing):  CBD Marketing is a Chicago-based integrated marketing and advertising agency that builds strong connections between brands and the hearts and minds of their customers. Founded in 1988, CBD serves national and global clients in manufacturing, energy, appliances, building products, education, retail, financial services, food, food ingredients and other industries. Companies and organizations count on CBD to Market What’s Meaningful®, building more intimate and profitable relationships in emotional and rational ways.

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