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CBD Execs Keynote Annual ACE Conference
May 21, 2020
CBD Execs Keynote Annual ACE Conference

Chicago (May 21, 2020) – Two Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing) executives are partnering to deliver the keynote address at the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Annual Conference, June 24-25. Mary Olivieri, EVP and Executive Creative Director, and Candice Hudson, Senior Media Relations Manager, will present “Turning Complicated Communications into Engaging Content.”

Conference attendees are on the communications teams of land grant and sea grant colleges and universities, often large state university systems. They write about complex topics related to agriculture, natural resources, life and human sciences.

“Research-based content is especially challenging because a writer needs to be true to the science, but also make it easily understandable and compelling to a general audience,” Olivieri noted. “It’s that balance that can deliver important exposure for the work beyond academic journals—which can positively impact funding and enhance the reputation of the authors as well as the institution.”

Olivieri will focus on techniques—inspired by improvisational theater exercises—that help writers deliver more engaging content. She’ll speak to the role of free association in writing, how to use personas to better understand an audience, and translation exercises to create attention-getting content.

Hudson will discuss how to attract a broader audience via exposure in top-rated trade and business media. She’ll offer tips on developing relationships with key reporters and editors, having media-trained subject matter experts at the ready for interviews, and knowing how—and when—to “pitch” story ideas and sources.

Both speakers will illustrate their talk with examples from CBD Marketing’s work with Blue Diamond Growers and Rabobank. Blue Diamond is the largest cooperative of almond farmers in the United States with R&D expertise in food formulation, food processing and manufacturing. Rabobank is a leading global food and agribusiness bank with more than a dozen North American analysts, each conducting research on a specific agriculture sector or food and beverage market.

The ACE Annual Conference is a virtual event this year. Registration is open to members and non-members here.

About Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing):  CBD Marketing is a Chicago-based integrated marketing and advertising agency that builds strong connections between brands and the hearts and minds of their customers. Founded in 1988, CBD serves national and global clients in manufacturing, energy, appliances, building products, education, retail, financial services, food, food ingredients and other industries. Companies and organizations count on CBD to Market What’s Meaningful®, building more intimate and profitable relationships in emotional and rational ways.

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