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CBD Co-CEO Liz Brohan Leads NYC Conference Panel with Firestone Building Products and Whirlpool Corporation
August 10, 2017
CBD Co-CEO Liz Brohan Leads NYC Conference Panel with Firestone Building Products and Whirlpool Corporation

CHICAGO (August 10, 2017) – The annual “Connect to Convert” Lead Gen Conference, August 21–23 in New York, will feature a panel discussion led by CBD’s Co-CEO Liz Brohan. Participating on the panel will be two CBD clients: Matt Loos, Executive Director of Marketing for Firestone Building Products, and Kevin Sulaiman, Associate Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing, at Whirlpool Corporation.


Titled “Engage Leads Pre, During and Post Live Events for the Highest Return,” the presentation focuses on the pivotal role trade shows play in generating leads at the top of the funnel, as well as being an important touch point for nurturing leads and moving them through the customer activation cycle.


As a case study example, Loos will discuss Firestone Building Products’ lead engagement approach at the International Roofing Exposition (IRE), the commercial roofing industry’s biggest and most important trade event.  Sulaiman will review Whirlpool Corporation’s recent successes at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC).


“Trade events represent significant investments for the companies that exhibit,” said Brohan. “It’s imperative that marketers approach each event with a lead gen plan that reflects a before, during and after-show timeline with corresponding business objectives, KPIs, measurement and reporting.”


She went on to laud the many creative options trade events provide for lead capture, nurturing and activation. “Trade shows are like blank canvases. Marketers can really indulge their creativity in so many ways that still respect their brand’s positioning and align with strategic business objectives.”


This popular conference focusing on acquisition and conversion strategies for B2B and B2C marketers is open for registration. Sign up here ( .


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