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The city burst element located on the left side of the CBD Marketing logo and the agency website.
Crafting brands that make an impact, by design.

When developing a new brand identity – or evolving an existing one – our team digs in. We get to know the company’s history and aspirations for the future. We talk to stakeholders. We search for that key point of difference. And we do it all well before we begin those initial artistic explorations that ultimately result in an unforgettable brand.


Here are just a few samples of our awesome brand identity work.


AlphaGraphics came to CBD looking for a serious change – and we delivered. Recognizing that their business model wasn’t sustainable simply as a quickprint service, we worked with them on a strategy to transform into a marketing services provider. Then, we incorporated a new identity to more holistically represent the breadth of their complete offering.



The state of Illinois has a lot to offer businesses including a large, highly educated and diverse talent base, a strategic central location, and an unparalleled transportation system. CBD brought it all to life in a super-modern look that communicated the vibrancy and forward movement that businesses crave.


R.J. O’Brien / RJO Futures

A futures brokerage should look solid and trustworthy, but not old-school. For R.J. O’Brien we chose a modern palette that included the color of money (naturally) and a tagline that supported the reason why they’ve remained a vital enterprise for decades. Then, we versioned the logo for their futures traders, with a unique color treatment to resonate with the aggressive spirit of that audience.


Beechworth Windows

We named this new window manufacturer after a beautiful town in Australia – the company’s country of origin. Then, we created the graphic look and tagline to position the brand as a design-forward, premium supplier of intelligently manufactured windows.



When thinking of a bath remodel, homeowners and dealers want to do business with a company that knows design. We helped BathWraps make a huge splash with a refined logo and a tagline positioning them as the company that makes a beautiful impact – quickly and simply.


Lucky Plush Productions

CBD helped Lucky Plush Productions dance their way into the hearts and minds of their patrons with a brand refresh inspired by the traditional colors used for 3D effects. Because dance is dynamic, their brand needed to be as well.



A big hit in Japan, this natural, low-calorie, rare sugar sweetener was coming to America, but needed a new name and logo. They got that – and more: a name inspired by the Goddess of Purity; a gorgeous logo that appealed to their target audiences; and an irresistible tagline, successfully differentiating them from other sweeteners in the market.


Integrity Data

When you have amazing HR and payroll software you want to look tech-forward. But when people are at the heart of your product, you want to communicate warmth, too. We gave Integrity Data a logo that encapsulated both, in addition to a tagline that completed the picture of their offering.



When U.S. Governors and Canadian Premiers put their might together on behalf of our shared waterways, that creates a real current for change. We pulled inspiration directly from the  Great Lakes and St. Lawrence bodies of water...artfully reconstructing their shape to create a unique and recognizable brand that stood apart from the rest.


New Star Metals

New Star Metals brings ingenuity and leadership to the world of metal processing. So, we redesigned their look to help them reach supernova status.


Alliance for the Great Lakes

AGL wanted to update their look in order to attract a younger audience who would further their passionate mission – protecting the Great Lakes today and tomorrow. This social-media friendly identity evolution invited everyone to ride the wave and join a movement worth fighting for.