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Market What’s Meaningful™
…for Results that Matter.

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to grab market share, want to build bridges between your marketing and sales departments, or need to fill your lead generation funnel, Colman, Brohan & Davis Marketing can do that. We are a strategic powerhouse that specializes in solving complex challenges for our B2B and B2C clients, across the entire channel, through digital-first methodologies. Because you deserve game-changing solutions.

You’ll get that and more…as we dig in and immerse ourselves. Out in the field. Through hands-on research. By tapping into our behavioral marketing expertise. Then we’ll pore over the data to reveal the places, the timing, and those meaningful, emotional ideas that will move your customers to act.

We strategize and solve. Test and triumph. Opine and optimize.

We’re ready to do it all for you.


Colman, Brohan & Davis at a Glance

Founded in 1988

40 Team Members

Headquartered in Chicago

National and International Clients

Now more than ever, you need an agency that’s knowledgeable about data and analytics – with the ability to devise insights and create strategies to generate success. That’s why we follow a proprietary methodology called CMOR:

This is Colman, Brohan & Davis’s digital-first strategy that allows us to “see more” about how your target is engaging – and then pivot with agility to ensure campaign success.


  • Liz Brohan CEO, President
  • Liz Brohan CEO, President Liz’s career success was built on her ability to inspire people to take action. In fact, the agency’s methodology, Brand + Demand™, reflects this perfectly, fusing brand development and awareness with driving action. This strategic approach has helped Liz mastermind everything from product launches, lead generation, customer acquisition, retention programs and more, for some of the world’s leading B2B and B2C brands. It’s all part of her unique marketing prowess that’s punctuated by big campaigns — and even bigger results.

  • K.T. Choi Director, Program Management
  • K.T. Choi Director, Program Management They say that the logic and analysis required for project management are left brain-dominant traits, but K.T. is a firm believer that the right brain-dominant traits of emotional intelligence and empathy are absolutely essential to workflow. Using the entirety of her brain power, she balances big-picture strategy and granular-level execution to deliver operational effectiveness, team training, process development, and collaboration across diverse and dynamic teams—and all in an effort to ensure game-changing outcomes for the clients we serve.

  • Don Harder VP, Creative Director
  • Don Harder VP, Creative Director Don’s passion for producing great work is palpable in everything he does at CBD. From concept to execution, he places extreme importance on research in understanding how to motivate action and truly move audiences. Then, he applies razor-sharp attention to detail, deep strategic thinking and exceptional talent to deliver creative that’s brand-right — and impossible to ignore.

  • Mary Olivieri EVP, Executive Creative Director
  • Mary Olivieri EVP, Executive Creative Director Mary is the rare creative director who seems to have an endless supply of positive energy. And her thriving creative department crackles with excitement because of it. She is guided by her keen perception and killer strategic approach to work, all of which is fueled by her background in theater. Clients love her — and people love to work with her — because the work she inspires is award-winning. For those of you who want to know the ego stuff…she has delivered amazing results for some of the biggest brands out there, including P&G and Coca-Cola. But, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Go on now. Before she puts you to work.

  • Stephanie Ragonese Account Director
  • Stephanie Ragonese Account Director A strategic thinker and creative problem solver, Stephanie enjoys diving deep into our clients’ business and working alongside them to overcome marketing challenges. Her straightforward and honest leadership encourages thoughtful collaboration across departments and teams. And as the mother of two toddlers, she maintains a sense of calm even in the most chaotic environments, adapting to ever-changing situations with ease.

  • Mark Robinson SVP, Digital Strategy, Media and Analytics
  • Mark Robinson SVP, Digital Strategy, Media and Analytics Analytical, articulate and passionate about excellence, Mark’s deep knowledge of digital marketing and the customer journey informs his commitment to a data-driven, integrated media approach. Over a 20-year career, he’s dedicated himself to achieving business goals across the spectrum of marketing and media channels — from programmatic/DSP, display, paid search and social to experiential, print, broadcast and lead gen. In addition to his agency experience, Mark has held leadership roles at DeVry University, Sears Holdings Corp.,, CNA eBusiness and

  • Mark Shevitz EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning
  • Mark Shevitz EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning “Yeah, but what’s the insight?” Mark’s the kind of guy who gets right to the heart of the matter. Which is why he’s so great at what he does: finding what differentiates our clients from their competition and propelling them forward by articulating that new vision. It figures that he’s a runner and a rower in his spare time, as Mark is always moving forward, relentlessly pursuing a place at the forefront.